Fishing kayak Grapper CATFISH

Fishing kayak GRAPPER Catfish (with Pedal drive / Propeller drive)


Catfish is a highly efficient fishing kayak with a pedal drive system. This makes possible hands free fishing or easily do trolling or spinning while you are only using your legs, the kayak moves back and forth only with the pedal drive. You can achieve a speed of up to 10km/h, or maintain speed in between 3-5km/h. There is a built-in rudder system that is operated with a joystick to the left of the seat and can be easily operated with one hand giving you the desired maneuverability. For maximum stability the hull is designed as a Catamaran which makes the kayak exceptionally stable and does not allow side tilting . The comfort is assured by the premium seat where you can sit all day without getting tired, as well as the open flat deck allowing you to perform a stand up fishing with ease.

Catfish 10 is suitable for all type of waters and seas, prolonged fishing and trips. Short and light – (3.16m and 33kg)it is easy for handling, loading on a vehicle roof and landing.



Model: Catfish 10

Type: Sit-on-Top

Color  – Desert Camo, Sand, or color of your choice

Price 1890



  • Length: 316 cm 
  • Width: 86,3 cm 
  • Height: 37,3 cm 
  • Weight: 33 kg/net or 40kg/gross(with pedal system & seat )
  • Recommended load: >160 kg 
  • Maximum load: 180 kg 

Main features  

  • Elevated premium seat (adjustable front/back and foldable)
  • Pedal driven propeller – forward and reverse, speed up to 10km/h
  • Catamaran hull for exceptional stability, with built in rudder
  • Very fast & highly maneuverable
  • Flat deck for stand up fishing
  • Compact sized & low weight

Gehäusematerial: Polyethylen (UV-Blockend) – robust, stoßfest und leicht zu reparieren

Hull design: Katamaran, special for Pedal drive / Propeller and Ruder

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  • Pedal driven propeller – forward and reverse, speed up to 10km/h
  • Longer paddle – 260 cm, 2 pieces collapsible, light weight, floating, 3 positions of adjustment
  • Comfortable, premium seat (adjustable front/back and foldable)
  • Hull-integrated Rudder with remote hand control



  • 3 Rutenhalter im 45° Winkel (mit Gummikappen abgedeckt)
  • Optional 360° verstellbarer Rutenhalter (siehe Zubehör im Shop)
  • 2 Befestigungsplatten (vorne an den Seiten) – dienen als Befestigungspunkte für viele Zusatzgeräte
  • Halterung für Paddel oder anderes Zubehör
  • Getränke- bzw. Flaschenhalter


Luggage compartments:

  • Large compartment (front) – hatch with lock, watertight
  • Compartment (rear) – hatch with lock, watertight
  • Compartment (rear) – with bands



  • 2 carry handles (on both sides) – can be carried by one person
  • 2 handles (front and rear)


Customization options:

  • Possibility to mount anchor
  • Possibility to mount accessories (GPS, 360 stands, etc.)
  • Possibility to mount sonar/echolot
  • Many customization options



  • Kiel at the front and the rear
  • Catamaran hull with integrated rudder
  • Hydro-optimized
  • Stable flat deck platform
  • Suitable for all waters  (except rapids)

(After use in salt water kayak should be washed and stored at shade)

  • Polyethylene (UV-blocking)
  • All screws are made of stainless steel
  • 6  scupper plugs
  • 1 Drain plug
  • Warranty 2y.


2 years warranty


Catfish 10